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July 22, 2020






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The year is 2036. In this famine-riddled world, food-centric sovereignty has been established. Living alone inside a food-inspection booth, you are striving to find truth and peace beyond the borderline.


Booth is a retro-future dystopian adventure game inspired by Lucas Pope's Papers, Please and many fictional classics I love in other media, such as 1984 and The Matrix. It began as my first attempt to make a full but small game after learning how to use GameMaker Studio in early 2017, during which time I was still a master student in Tokyo. And then, like you may guess, I didn't get the scale right and it took me 3 years to finish.

In 2018, while I was still not sure if I could ever release a game, I got accepted by the 6th BitSummit, after which Humble Bundle reached out and offered me the opportunity of a Humble Original debut. In early 2019, my high school friend Rundong Hu joined in as the music composer.

In the days of making Booth, the thing I thought about most was how not to become another Papers, Please, as much as I love that game. Luckily, after the unintended growing of the worldview itself and one year of hard work alongside a day job, upon release I'm finally confident enough to say that now Booth shines in its own way.


  • Challenge a series of food inspection missions that will put your skills and strategies to the test.
  • Live a solitary life in a booth and spend hard-earned wages on post-cultural gems or lottery tickets.
  • Enjoy an atmospheric and characteristic soundtrack that is exclusive to high class Iden citizens.
  • Meet with a dozen of dull or interesting people who may be a help, a threat, or something else to you.
  • Experience an immersive, carefully crafted branching story where you get to choose, sometimes.

Guanpeng Chen

Director, Writer, Artist, Programmer, etc.

Rundong Hu


Ruikun Cai